Form can be applied to matter, but ultimately it always returns to nature. Because I make this transience visible in my work, they are blueprints of temporality. The images of my work can be projected onto the reality you perceive in everyday life.

In my work I translate already announced, but not yet defined moments to the canvas. This is achieved by a confrontation between my reason and the impulse of my subconscious. We are continuously faced by a world where the organic meets the artificial. I am fascinated by what is created or not created by these encounters. This process of awareness is part of my work.

I work intuitively with mixed materials on the divide between drying and dry. Using chemical properties of materials, I am consciously working on the process of creating and controllingchance. The medium with its slow drying processes, makes chance dominant and surprising. This gives the painting its own will. By witnessing this process, I can adjust and act out targeted interventions. In addition, I determine the tolerances in which the material has to achieve its own nature, and challenge it to defy obstacles or barriers. This creates weathered images.

I am constantly looking for methods and materials for processing paint. Sometimes I cover up pieces so that parts of the work become hidden. Furthermore I arrange intersections between worlds of organic and geometric shapes. In this stratification exists a vacuum, which asks the viewer to determine what the final work is: where it begins and where it ends.